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Trending Christian Apparel Company, Seek Jesus Co. is a SCAM!

To protect the privacy of individuals, names have been changed in the writing of this post.

Hey there, Asassyns! Today, I want to shine a spotlight on a concerning issue that's been floating under the radar for far too long. As someone who owns a Christian business myself, I value honesty and transparency. I'm going to share some eye-opening insights about the popular Christian apparel online shop, Seek Jesus.

Is Seek Jesus a Scam? Overpriced sweatshirts.

It's disheartening to see individuals and organizations taking advantage of people's faith for personal and financial gain. So let's talk more about my personal experience with the brand and its ambassador program.

I was accepted into the brand's ambassador program on August 24, 2023. As other creators can attest, once you're accepted, you receive a welcome email, a special discount code, and a personal text message from a representative of the brand.

On August 26, 2023, I purchased the apparel pieces I wanted. I immediately noticed that Seek Jesus' pricing was generally more expensive than I anticipated. After doing a little research, I noticed the consensus was centered around the brand overpricing its merchandise, especially sweatshirts, and possibly scamming Christians out of their hard-earned money.

The same day I ordered, I did receive an order confirmation e-mail with shipping and tracking details. But what initially made me start to contemplate if Seek Jesus was a scam, was the personal text message sent to me by Laura, one of the representatives of the company.

On August 28, 2023, Laura said that she noticed out of all the newly selected ambassadors, it seemed as though I had not purchased my discounted apparel items yet. She also informed me that it was only her and another individual that ran the entire company; and as a small business owner, I completely understood! However, the way the brand markets and portrays themselves (pricing including) does not give off that they are a smaller company at all. I guess I viewed their platform and following as professional and larger. Most companies I have worked with do not rush or pressure ambassadors to buy buy buy, so this was a red flag for me!

On August 29, 2023, she offered ANOTHER discount code for my "ambassador apparel" purchases. I told her I had already purchased an item, but would use the code she provided to buy my husband a sweatshirt as well (which I purposefully never did).

Even after our text conversation, the company sent yet ANOTHER email from Laura saying that I hadn't purchased anything from the site yet, it became very evident that Laura was used to the practice of enticing customers with discount codes, which may, in reality, be a strategy to encourage more purchases on the site. RED FLAG NUMBER TWO!

I am very personable and kind to every company that hires me or invites me to their brand ambassador program, but six modes of contact in two days was a bit much to me. Especially since it was only badgering me to buy more products!

The tactics I had witnessed were not only potentially deceptive but also unfair to the buyers who genuinely seek to support their faith and the Seek Jesus brand. From then on, I decided to not make anymore purchases from the site to gauge how they would handle shipping and deliverables. I was noticing that Seek Jesus Luxury Streetwear was more like Luxury SCAM wear!

Seek Jesus is a scam against Christians

A week had gone by and I decided to check in with the company regarding my package. In my waiting, mind went back to remember how Laura was very forthcoming with informing me of how it was only her and another individual that ran the shop and to be patient about how slowly orders were shipped. I had an epiphany! Laura was covering her own toosh! She was foreshadowing just how unprofessional the company would reveal itself to be!

I sent Seek Jesus several emails, some of which I was ignored and got no response. I decided to browse their Instagram page to see if anyone else had the same issues I was having. I skimmed comments, stories, their highlights, and even the reviews. I was able to find a few comments of complaints ALL regarding the ambassador program, shipping, and order failure. Mind you, not all of the complaints were from ambassadors but also from regular paying customers! I decided to go back and screen shot the negative comments (that of which the company would never respond to), but they were gone! I found it laughable that they have the time to delete any comments incriminating them, but can't respond or answer for their shady business actions!

How ironic that I couldn't get Laura to stop texting me in the beginning, but now I couldn't find her with a flashlight in the day time!

Seek Jesus is a scam. A review from a customer in the ambassador program.

THE JIG WAS UP! After a couple failed attempts of contacting the company again, they finally responded! They had "covered" all of their bases with the fine (but admittedly bolded) print on their website about just how long each item takes to ship. I give them that! I honestly did not read the item description, because I run pretty true to size. When I went back to confirm that their website really did state these things in the item's description, I began to question why your items are all made to order and not already in mass or bulk stock.

Being the investigator that I am, I decided to GO BACK to their Instagram page. I noticed all the positive comments were customers who had not yet realized what a scam these people are and the other comments were generic heart eyes, fire emojis, and praying hands. The comments looked so generated and FAKE. Can someone say "paid bot comments"?

I noticed all the celebrities on their page DO NOT even follow the brand, the same photo is never on the celebrities platform, and the celebrity never even liked the photo on Seek Jesus' platform! I had surely at this point come to terms with the fact that the trending Christian apparel company, Seek Jesus Co. is a scam! RED FLAG NUMBER SIX THOUSAND AND EIGHT!

None of the answers to the FAQs on their site (that Laura provided me in her latest response) on October 10, 2023 made sense to me. Why create a shipping label if you weren't ready to ship? Why does it take as little as one week but as long as six weeks to mail out every sweatshirt, but your e-mail states allow one to two business days to ship!? Why are all the e-mails an "automatic reply" and not responded to by an actual person? It only raised so many more questions in my head. Laura got back to me saying that she could only issue a refund if the order had been placed six weeks ago with no receipt of the product.

FAQ about Seek Jesus scam company.

I very sternly let her know, it had been EIGHT weeks, but not to worry her deceitful little mind over it, my bank would be issuing me the money for her neglect in mailing me the product I paid for! This one is tricky, because there's been a select few that have actually received their products. But don't you think that was just so they could build what looked like a reputable platform and store?

As Christians, we should support honest and genuine initiatives that strengthen our faith, not those that exploit it. I know telling the world about the God we serve through our fashion is something we love to do, but BEWARE, Seek Jesus is NOT the company to do it with. Trust me on that one.

If you're interested in being a part of a Christian community that won't ever send you bogus discount codes, take advantage of you, or exploit you for your hard-earned money then follow me on social media. Here's a few of my products: Christian vinyl stickers, a manifestation journal or prayer journal, and even a freebie for you.



#ScamAlert #ConsumerAwareness

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