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Should You Stay at The Ritz Carlton New Orleans? Everything You Need to Know Before You Book

When I first mentioned to family and friends that I would be taking a week long trip to New Orleans, they all joked about staying in a nice luxurious hotel. So I thought, why not!? A few days later, I booked a Deluxe King Room with a Canal Street view at the Ritz Carlton. This is a hotel that had already been on my bucket list for years. When I saw how fascinated people were about it, I was even more eager to experience it for myself.

The city of New Orleans is a vivacious and cultural melting pot full of music, great food, and ambiance! Staying in a luxury hotel on one of the most popular streets downtown made the vacation that much more special. I could definitely pick up on why people speak so highly of the Ritz the moment I drove onto the property. You feel the spirit of New Orleans no matter where you found yourself in the hotel. From the valet, to room-service, to concierge-- everyone was so kind and professional! So, if you’re considering booking a trip to the Big Easy, but you're doing your due diligence first, this detailed review is definitely the one for you!



The name itself holds high regard, so my expectations were set rather high. And let me be the first to say, they were not disappointed. Though I am familiar with navigating the city, I do understand it can be a bit overwhelming for tourists and new visitors. Canal Street can be fairly congested with the pedestrians, trollies, taxis, bike-riders, and cars. But luckily, The Ritz Carlton is located on the corner of Canal Street downtown. The property was not difficult to locate in the slightest.


Upon arriving you will turn right into the beautifully candle lit valet parkway. The beauty of the parkway sets the precedence for the rest of the property without a doubt! As I looked over the calming fountain against the cobblestone walls, I was immediately greeted by a valet attendant. The attendants were there to open the door, take my information, and safely park my car in their garage. Every instance thereafter that I needed to retrieve my key, it was always done in a timely manner and with great customer service.


The remainder of the property is beautifully laced with French elements of golden décor. A must-see spot would be the courtyard, hands down. It is full of shrubs and ferns a top bricked flooring that creates the most peaceful ambiance. It's the perfect spot to relax while enjoying your beignets with your morning coffee. The hotel rooms were also very clean and turn-down services were offered twice daily. I wanted for nothing!


This just might be the BEST part. There is so much to do in the city of New Orleans--especially in the downtown French Quarter area. I had a blast walking the streets of the markets, shopping with small vendors, and eating at the amazing food from the hole in the wall restaurants. There was no way not to feel all the feels! I thoroughly enjoyed the Riverwalk, Waldenburg Park, the Botanical Gardens, the French Quarter Market, and even the World War II Museum. Majority of the excursions I chose to participate in were walking distance, which is great from directionally challenged individuals like myself. And even when I chose to drive, the farthest I traveled was eleven minutes up the road!


The most memorable parts of my vacation was the thoughtfulness of the Ritz Carlton staff and the true Southern ambience of the city! The Ritz always offered complimentary water after our morning jogs, thorough yet speedy turn-down services, and excellent room-service. The city was full of life, great creole foods, and plenty of shopping opportunities. The Ritz Carlton was worth every dime! But don't just take my word for it, visit for yourself!

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